Sugarloaf Grass Fed Farm
Seymour, TN 37865 USA
Telephone : (865)755-3917

Katahdin Sheep
Katahdins are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep producing superior lamb crops with lean, meaty carcasses. They do not require shearing. Ewes have exceptional mothering. Katahdins are ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage-based management systems.

Cayuga Ducks
Our Animals
The Cayuga is known to be one of the hardiest of all the duck breeds. It is an excellent forager and prolific layer. They are docile, friendly, and quiet.
Broken/White New Zealand -A large rabbit, originally bred in the United States for the meat and fur trade. They are exceptionally calm and docile.
Tamuk -This breed is an excellent meat rabbit, known to be excellent reproducers and have exceptional birth rates and mothering instincts
Pet Breeds -Lop, Lionhead  & Dutch.
Red Wattle Hogs
Red Wattle hogs are medium to large with a fleshy wattle attached to each side of the neck, for which there is no known function. Extremely hardy, red wattle hogs are gentle prolific breeders with good mothering qualities.
Our Red Wattle hogs are free range, with access to shelter year round, and confined only for birthing during the winter months.

Yellow Golden, Ringneck, Silver & Blue Eared pheasants.
Bourbon Red Turkeys
These attractive birds know how to breed, set, and brood.Standard weights for Bourbon Reds are 23 pounds for young toms and 14 pounds for young hens.Produce tender, lean meat and large eggs.
Indian Runner Ducks
They stand erect like penguins and, rather than waddling, they run. They are non-flyers and come in a variety of colors, laying over 300 eggs per year.
Royal Palm Turkeys
Royal Palms are active, thrifty turkeys, excellent foragers, and good flyers. Standard weights are 16 pounds for young toms and 10 pounds for young hens.
Silver Appleyard Ducks
The Silver Appleyard Duck is a "large, sturdily built duck" with a "blocky" physique and a prominent breast. When full grown it weighs between six and eight pounds. Only 128 breeding Silver Appleyard Ducks were reported in 2000.
Chicken Breeds
We raise various chicken breeds for eggs, meat, show & broodiness.
Dual Purpose Breeds (eggs & meat) - Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Patridge Rock, Black Australorp, ISA Brown, Black Sexlink
Brood & Pet/Show Breeds -Silkie, Polish, Cochin Bantam, Silver Duckwing, Crele Old English, Serama
Various colors including India Blue and Spalding Pied
Saddleback Pomeranian & Pilgrim geese