Sugarloaf Grass Fed Farm
Seymour, TN 37865 USA
Telephone : (865)755-3917

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RIR Chicks
Rhode Island Red chicks. $3-$15 each, depending on age. Straight run only.
Gold Laced Wyandotte Chicks
Gold laced Wyandotte chicks. $5 each. Straight run only.
*Price & availability subject to change on all postings
*Sales by appointment only
*We cannot control the outcome once our animals have left our care, Including, but not limited to abuse, mishandling, neglect, temperature changes, malnourishment, improper housing, which can cause sickness, injury, or death, injury or sickness from other animals, contaminated food sources, during travel or at your residence. Therefore, we cannot offer any type of guarantee or warranty. All sales are final unless otherwise stated.
*Because we work full time outside the farm, we are unable to offer farm tours. Visits require purchase. Thank you for your understanding.
Ameraucana Chicks
Ameraucana chicks. $3-$15 each (depending on age). Straight run only.
Barred Rock Chicks
Barred Rock chicks. $3-$15 each (depending on age). Chicks-straight run only.
Silver Appleyard ducklings-$12 each. 
Coturnix Quail
Coturnix quail chicks. $4/$7 each. Straight run only.
Muscovy ducks-$12-$20 each (depending on age). Indian Runner ducklings-$7-$15 each. Straight run only.
Pet breed & meat breed bunnies available. $15 each. Bucks & does.
Cochin Bantam Chicks
Cochin bantam chicks. $5/$8 each. Lots of colors available. Straight run only.
Pheasant Pair
Red Golden pheasant young pair (hen & rooster). $90 for the pair.
Peafowl available! 8 months old. India Blue. Unsexed. $85 each.
Pekin ducklings-$5/$12 each. Straight run only.
Pekin Ducklings
Silkie Chicks
Silkie chicks. $5/$8 each. Lots of colors available. Straight run only.
Buff Orpington Chicks
Buff Orpington chicks. $3 each. Straight run only.