Sugarloaf Grass Fed Farm
Seymour, TN 37865 USA
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RIR Chicks/Adults
Rhode Island Red chicks. $3/$5/$8/$12/$20(hens) each, depending on age. Roosters $10. Straight run only.
Jersey Giant Chicks/Adults
Black Jersey Giant chicks. $3/$5/$8/$12/$20 (hens) each (depending on age). Roosters $10. Straight run only.
*Price & availability subject to change on all postings
*Sales by appointment only
*We cannot control the outcome once our animals have left our care, including disease or death. Including, but not limited to abuse, mishandling, neglect, temperature changes, malnourishment, improper housing, which can cause sickness, injury, or death, injury from other animals, exposure to other illnesses and sicknesses via other animals, or contaminated food sources, during travel or at your residence. Therefore, we cannot offer any type of guarantee or warranty whatsoever. All sales are final unless otherwise stated. Please verify the health of your animals at time of purchase.
Ameraucana Chicks
Ameraucana chicks $3/$5/$8/$12 each. Straight run only.
Barred Rock Chicks
Barred Rock chicks. $3/$5/$8/$12/$20 (hens) each (depending on age). Straight run only.
Silkie Chicks
Silkie chicks $5/$8 each. Straight run only.
Guinea Keets
$7 each (young keets-heat lamp required), $10 each (month old keets-no heat lamp required), $15 each (3+ month old keets-outside).
Silver Appleyard ducklings. $10/$15 each. Straight run.
Pekin, Khaki Campbell & Muscovy ducklings available. $5/ $10 each, depending on age. Straight run.
Coturnix Quail
Coturnix quail chicks. $4/$7 each. Straight run only.
Ringneck Pheasant Pairs
Ringneck pheasant juvenile pairs. $45 per pair. 
Turkey Poults
Midget White-3 available. $12 each. Straight run.
BLRW Chicks
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks. $8/$12 each. Straight run only.
Young hedgehogs. Males only. $100 each.
Bunnies available. Bucks & does. $15 each.