Sugarloaf Grass Fed Farm
Seymour, TN 37865 USA
Telephone : (865)755-3917

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Welcome to Sugarloaf Grass Fed Farm, Seymour Tennessee, boarding Sugarloaf Mountain and the beautiful Tennessee Smoky Mountains. 

All our animals are grass fed, free of induced hormones. Our customers count on this standard as a benchmark in measuring the quality of our sale stock. 

We have a variety of animals including red wattle & large black hogs, katahdin & dorper sheep, white new zealand, lop, lionhead, netherland dwarf & california rabbits, cattle, several breeds of chickens, muscovy, khaki campbell, pekin & silver appleyard ducks, bourbon red, royal palm & midget white turkeys, guinea fowl, reeves & ringneck pheasants, india blue peafowl, several breeds of geese, coturnix quail, pigeons, emus, sulcata tortoises, hedgehogs and llama (for herd protection). Our animals are very friendly and have plenty of space to roam.

Be sure to visit our for sale page for any available animals and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.